• 25 Feb, 2024

Mia Bella: Weaving Music, Acting, and Passion

Mia Bella: Weaving Music, Acting, and Passion

Meet Mia Bella, a multifaceted artist whose journey began in musical theatre. Her love for performing and music became evident at a young age, propelling her towards a career that encompasses singing, songwriting, and acting in TV and film. Mia is currently balancing these passions, portraying a character in a TV series that merges her love for acting, singing, and musical theatre.

Musical Style & Inspirations

Mia's music reflects a rich blend of genres, drawing inspiration from R&B, pop, and folk. Influenced by a diverse array of artists including SZA, H.E.R., Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, and Aaliyah, her musical style is a fusion of their unique sounds.


Songwriting Process & Themes

Mia's songwriting process is driven by her diverse experiences and emotions. She draws inspiration from her own life, exploring themes and emotions that resonate with her and her audience. Her music touches on relatable human experiences, inviting listeners to connect with her stories.


Live Performances & Visual Artistry

Live performances hold a special place in Mia's heart because they allow her to share the joy of music with others. Witnessing the immediate impact of music on people and connecting with her audience are the most rewarding aspects of performing. Mia approaches the visual dimension of her music with care, recognizing its importance in complementing her art. Whether through music videos or stage performances, she strives to create captivating visuals that enhance the audience's experience.


Collaborations & Challenges

Mia has already worked with exceptional musicians, writers, and producers in Canada and the United States. She looks forward to building more relationships within the industry, spanning from Vancouver to Toronto, LA, and Nashville. Like every artist, Mia has faced challenges in her career. One significant challenge is balancing her roles as an artist and a family person. She treasures both aspects of her life and works to create a schedule that allows her to excel in both domains.


Future Aspirations

Mia's future shines brightly with upcoming projects, including a music video for "Knots" and new music releases. She plans to continue expanding her music portfolio, with an EP slated for the next couple of years and a full album to follow. Touring is also on her horizon, with aspirations to hit the stage when she's 19 or 20. Mia Bella is poised to weave a rich tapestry of music, acting, and passion in the years to come.

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