• 14 Jul, 2024

International Pop/Dance Newcomer

Cora Duke: From Home Studio to Stage Stardom

In the vibrant world of music, few artists manage to seamlessly blend powerful vocals, electric rock intensity, and hip-hop rhythms with such grace as Cora Duke. Emerging from her home studio in Dallas to captivating audiences worldwide, Cora's journey is a testament to perseverance, passion, and relentless self-improvement.

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Inessa: Crafting Unique Soundscapes with Dark Pop and New Wave Influences

Inessa, a rising star in the music world, is carving out her own niche with a blend of dark pop, new wave, and techno. Her journey from a childhood musician to a solo artist with a unique project reflects a deep passion for creating emotionally resonant and visually compelling music. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Inessa's inspirations, musical style, and her vision for the future.

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