• 20 May, 2024

Rising Star LAYLA is taking the German rap scene by storm with her versatile sound and self-confident charisma

LAYLA is a young, multifaceted and talented artist who is quickly making a name for herself in the German rap scene. In 2019, she packed her bags and moved from her hometown Münster to the bustling metropolis of Berlin to focus on her music. Her hard work paid off the following year when she released her first song "Choppa," which quickly gained her recognition and attention in the Rap scene.

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Julian Schmits solo debut Niemand showcases emotional depth and versatility after breakup

After three years of silence, Hamburg band Rakede shocked fans with the announcement of their official breakup. But for frontman Julian Schmit, this was just the beginning of a new chapter in his music career. Instead of starting off with a bang, Schmit began his solo journey with the release of the emotionally charged single "Niemand," which delves into the themes of self-doubt and the aftermath

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