• 14 Jul, 2024

Slap Fight’s journey: From Navy Service to Nashville Soundscapes

Slap Fight’s journey: From Navy Service to Nashville Soundscapes

Hey, I’m Allen, the artist behind the project Slap Fight.

I actually started as a guitar player first, playing in bands throughout middle school and high school. After graduating, I began playing as a sideman for various artists around Atlanta, GA, and did some touring. Following a six-year stint in the U.S. Navy, I moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue my passion for music. This is where I fell in love with songwriting, engineering, and producing. The latter became a necessary skill to record my own demos, but it soon turned into a passion in itself.


Musical Style: A Fusion of Genres

My musical style is a blend of pop punk and alt, incorporating elements from emo, indie, and pop rock. While the productions are fairly simple with guitars, bass, and drums, I strive to keep the sound contemporary yet raw. Themes of inadequacy, disillusionment, and social issues like gun violence and climate change frequently emerge in my lyrics. My goal is to create music that resonates on a personal and social level, reflecting the complexities of life and the world around us.


Inspirations: Icons of Authenticity

Blink-182's "Dude Ranch" was my first CD and has been a major influence ever since. Recently, bands like Super American have inspired me with their ability to write and perform with unabashed authenticity. Their influence pushes me to maintain a similar freedom and honesty in my own music, ensuring that each song feels genuine and impactful.


The Songwriting Process

Songwriting for me is a spontaneous yet deliberate process. I capture ideas as they come, jotting down thoughts or singing into voice memos. I later revisit these snippets to develop them into full songs, often starting with an acoustic guitar to focus on lyrics, melody, and chords. Sometimes a riff, like the one in "Happy People Make Me Sad," serves as the foundation. My approach emphasizes the importance of the song's basic form before layering in production elements.


Visual Artistry and Future Endeavors

In terms of visual artistry, my approach to album art mirrors my music production process —experimental and iterative. I continuously reshape my initial ideas until they feel right. Music videos are a new venture for me, with plans underway for the "Happy People" video, thanks to a talented friend in Nashville. Collaborations have been rare in Slap Fight, but Corey Mouch, from Southcourt, has significantly contributed with his writing and vocal talents.


Artistic Growth

My latest EP showcases a newfound confidence in my voice, a crucial element given my late start in singing within this genre. The evolution from my early releases to now is evident, with improvements in both musicality and production quality. As I continue to grow, my primary aim remains to create music that I am genuinely proud of, taking the time needed to ensure authenticity and quality.


Message to Fans and Aspiring Musicians

For fans and aspiring musicians, I've learned to cherish the process of creation. Patience and perseverance are key. Success comes when you create what you truly love, regardless of its commercial potential. Focus on making music that moves you, and the rest will follow. Always stay true to your artistic vision and let your passion guide you.



Allen’s journey from a sideman to the heart and soul of Slap Fight reflects a deep passion for music and unwavering dedication to his craft. With a unique blend of genres and a commitment to authenticity, Slap Fight continues to evolve, promising more raw, resonant music for the future. Whether exploring personal inadequacies or broader social issues, Allen’s work remains a testament to the power of honest and heartfelt music.

Valerie W.

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