• 14 Jul, 2024

Rising rapper Kamal draws comparisons to Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber

Rising rapper Kamal is making waves with his unique sound and style. His smooth, soulful voice has drawn comparisons to artists like Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, and his production is top-notch.

Kamal's love for music started at a young age when his parents surprised him with a piano in their home. From then on, he pursued music in various capacities, from classical piano lessons to performing with a band in high school.

Kamal's first encounter with live performance was at a primary school talent show, where he played a song he had written on the ukulele. He went on to perform at small classical music concerts and gigs with his band. However, he has yet to play a show under his own name.

Kamal's first brush with making money from music came in high school when he played keyboards in an R&B band and earned about £5 per gig. He blew his first paycheque on chicken and chips from Morley's, which he says remains the best-tasting meal to this day.

The first music Kamal bought for himself was Cadet's first EP, "The Commitment," in 2016. He was so excited about the project that he put money into it, although he admits he may have ended up using one of his mom's credit cards to do so.

Despite his rising fame, Kamal has yet to meet a fan in person. However, he is overwhelmed by the number of people who reach out to him online about his music. He tries to respond to as many as possible, because he believes that connecting with others is what music is all about.

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