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Hardbody Scottyy: Mastering Authenticity and Versatility in Music

Hardbody Scottyy: Mastering Authenticity and Versatility in Music

Since his debut album, Hardbody Scottyy's music has evolved through self-critique and honed control over his artistry. His relentless dedication to crafting his unique sound has catapulted his music to new levels of sophistication and precision. As an artist, he attributes his unique sound to the influence of his home country.

Facing the Transition Challenge Head-On & Aiming for Exposure and Legacy in the Next Five Years  

The most significant challenge for Hardbody Scottyy is transitioning from an up-and-coming artist to the mainstream, particularly without a supporting team. Despite these hurdles, he remains dedicated to moving into a more industry-friendly environment to reach his career goals. With his sights set on a grand level of exposure in the next five years, Hardbody Scottyy hopes to expand his audience and ensure his artistic contributions are recognized, leaving an indelible legacy in the music world.

Authenticity and Self-Sufficiency: Key to a Successful Music Career & Balancing Commercial Music and Authenticity  

Hardbody Scottyy prizes authenticity and self-sufficiency above all else in his music career. The best advice he has received stresses the importance of focusing on relationships rather than compensation in the music business. He balances the commercial side of music and authenticity by staying connected to his roots and maintaining his natural creative expressions. He also ensures his performances are sensor-friendly, avoiding excess profanity or derogatory slang.

Honoring Friendship through Music & Dream Collaborations: Future and Chief Keef  

The most meaningful song Hardbody Scottyy ever wrote is a tribute to his best friend Marquette, who tragically lost his life to gun violence in 2014. This significant loss moved him to freestyle his music, speaking from the heart more while recording. His dream collaboration involves Future and Chief Keef, as he identifies strongly with their unique styles and mindsets. Both artists reflect facets of his personality and creative approach.

Pre-Performance Ritual: A Time for Solitude and Prayer & Motivational Music: Looking to the Past and Embracing the Present  

Before performances, Hardbody Scottyy prioritizes solitude and prayer to ensure stability and focus on stage. This ritual prepares him physically and spiritually for his shows. When seeking motivation, he turns to his older music and listens to artists such as NBA Youngboy, Chief Keef, Future, and Kodak Black. These sounds help reignite his creative drive and inspire him in his musical journey.

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