• 14 Jul, 2024

Zoner-EZ: Crafting an Adventurous Vibe Through Old School Rhythms

Zoner-EZ: Crafting an Adventurous Vibe Through Old School Rhythms

Meet Ezell, better known by his stage name Zoner-EZ, a rising solo artist whose old school and animated style is capturing the attention of music enthusiasts everywhere. With a journey that began alongside a DJ friend and evolved into a solo career marked by unique storytelling and vibrant productions, Zoner-EZ is making waves in the industry. His ability to transform life's experiences into adventurous musical vibes sets him apart as an artist to watch.


The Journey to Solo Stardom

Zoner-EZ's entry into the music industry was facilitated by a DJ friend who offered an inside look at the music scene. Together, they formed a duo that, despite its brief existence due to creative differences, set the stage for Zoner-EZ's solo career. Reflecting on this transition, he shares, "Things really started rolling when I decided to go solo again. I've been doing my own thing ever since, and it's been an incredible journey."


Inspirations and Style

Drawing inspiration from lyrical powerhouses like Logic and Eminem, Zoner-EZ infuses his music with themes of societal acceptance and personal identity. "The way Logic and Eminem addressed their rough experiences influences me to do the same, but from my unique perspective," he explains. His songwriting often delves into the stigmas faced by atypical individuals and the broader quest for self-acceptance, mirroring the consciousness-driven narratives of artists like Kendrick Lamar.


Visual and Artistic Expression

A true multi-talented artist, Zoner-EZ takes charge of his visual presentation as well, handling cover art and music videos himself. "I ensure the theme matches the vibe of the album or song," he notes, highlighting his dedication to a cohesive artistic vision. This hands-on approach not only showcases his versatility but also ensures that every aspect of his work resonates with his intended message.


Message to Aspiring Musicians

With his journey offering valuable insights, Zoner-EZ advises upcoming artists to remain cautious yet optimistic. "Everything is possible; it just takes practice," he affirms, emphasizing the importance of mindful decision-making and persistent effort in the pursuit of musical dreams. His story stands as a testament to the power of resilience and creativity in the face of challenges.



Zoner-EZ's story is one of transformation, inspiration, and relentless pursuit of artistic integrity. As he continues to evolve, his music not only entertains but also challenges societal norms and encourages self-acceptance. With a unique blend of old school flair and modern consciousness, Zoner-EZ is poised to leave a lasting mark on the music industry, inspiring both listeners and fellow artists alike.

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