• 25 Feb, 2024

Turell: Crafting Beats and Bars in Prince George

Turell: Crafting Beats and Bars in Prince George

Hailing from Prince George, BC, Canada, Turell has been a rap enthusiast since the tender age of 11 and a beatmaker since 13. His musical journey was sparked by iconic tracks like Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” performed on an old karaoke machine alongside his sister. This early exposure to rap giants like Eminem and Jay-Z, and later to legends like Nas and Biggie, paved the way for Turell's deep dive into the hip-hop world, culminating in a love affair with the genre solidified by J. Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive.”


Musical Evolution

Turell's music style is a dynamic blend, marked by attention-grabbing lyrics or captivating beats. His track “LITTLE LYE” exemplifies this blend, combining soulful house beats influenced by Disclosure with witty lyrics. Turell's music is a nod to the past yet a leap into a new stylistic future.


The Art of Songwriting

Turell sees songwriting as a form of journaling - a means to uplift himself and, by extension, his listeners. With a focus on positivity and personal growth, his lyrics touch on unique themes like coffee, healthy living, financial goals, fashion, and boxing. His songwriting stands out in today's musical landscape, often counteracting the prevalent themes of negativity.


Career Milestones

A decade into music-making, Turell's significant breakthrough came with “Ultra HD,” a track that cemented his confidence in his art. His first album, "A Child’s First Words," released in 2023, and the subsequent album "FRISSON," showcase his evolution and learning as an artist.


Collaborative Efforts

Initially selling beats on BeatStars, Turell's collaboration journey has been gradual but fruitful. A notable partnership is with the artist Nvikelo (Kelo) on the track “GRAPE SODA,” which highlights their instant chemistry and shared vision.


Overcoming Challenges

As an artist from a city with little hip-hop presence, Turell has faced significant challenges in finding a community and resources. This scarcity has, however, shaped him into a self- sufficient, multi-talented artist capable of handling all aspects of music production.


Future Aspirations

Looking forward, Turell is eager to perform live and share his creations. With new music expected in the summer, he aims to capture global attention. His latest album “FRISSON,” available on streaming platforms, represents the essence of his artistry. Turell aspires to be a beacon of hope and optimism, encouraging others through his music.

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