• 14 Jul, 2024

That Mexican OT: The New Face of Chicano Rap on the Global Stage

In an era where the music landscape is constantly evolving, one artist, Virgil René Gazca, known professionally as That Mexican OT, is making a splash with his distinctive blend of old-school hip-hop and Chicano rap.

As he gears up for his first international tour and the release of his new album, we delve into the journey of this half-Mexican, half-Texan rapper whose unique style is capturing hearts globally.


A Global Venture Awaits
That Mexican OT is no stranger to the spotlight, with hit songs like "Johnny Dang" and "Cowboy Killer" marking his ascent in the music industry. This year, however, marks a significant milestone as OT prepares for his first-ever performance outside the United States—a prospect that fills him with excitement for the new experiences and musical inspiration that await in the UK. His anticipation to absorb the local vibes and collaborate with artists abroad underscores his dedication to expanding his musical horizons and leaving a mark on the global music scene.


Rooted in Heritage, Thriving in Innovation
Despite his international aspirations, OT remains deeply connected to his Mexican heritage, which seamlessly weaves through his music. When asked about how he integrates his cultural identity into his sound, OT's response is simple yet profound, "I’m Mexican to the bone, so it just happens naturally." This authentic blend of cultural pride and musical innovation makes his work resonate with a broad audience, filling a void in the industry for prominent Mexican-American rappers.


The Artistic Process: Keeping It Real
In discussing his upcoming album, OT reveals a laid-back approach to music production. He focuses on creating sounds that feel right to him, without forcing a theme or concept, leading to music that is both genuine and relatable. This organic creative process is likely what endears him to his fans and what keeps his music grounded yet inventive. His approach suggests a confidence in his artistic intuition, prioritizing the love of the craft over commercial pressures.


As That Mexican OT stands on the precipice of a new chapter in his career, he remains grounded and grateful, emphasizing a deep appreciation for his supporters. With his pure intentions and heartfelt gratitude, OT is not just a musician but a beacon of authenticity in an industry that often loses sight of its roots. As he ventures beyond Texas and the U.S., his journey promises to inspire and redefine the boundaries of Chicano rap on the global stage, ensuring that his music—and his message—resonate worldwide.

Valerie W.

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