• 25 Feb, 2024

Milo Kobayashi: Crafting a New Wave of Hip-Hop/Pop Fusion

Milo Kobayashi: Crafting a New Wave of Hip-Hop/Pop Fusion

Milo Kobayashi, a 26-year-old artist with roots in Osaka and Augusta, GA, is carving a unique path in the world of hip-hop/pop music. His journey began with a childhood filled with music, notably influenced by Outkast's "The Love Below," and evolved into creating imaginary soundtracks for video games. Driven by a promise made to his late mother to win a Grammy, Milo's career is more than just a pursuit of musical excellence—it's a tribute to a cherished bond.


Musical Style

Describing his style as "alternate rap" or "internet rap," Milo resists being boxed into a single genre. His approach to music is spontaneous and authentic, influenced by trailblazers like Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and Tyler, The Creator. These influences have taught him the importance of vulnerability, the understanding of life as an algorithm, and the courage to be unapologetically himself.



Milo's main sources of inspiration are the experiences of life itself, including movies, TV, and video games. The dramatic space music of "Mass Effect" has recently sparked his imagination, fueling his desire to create a space opera. Emotionally, his music often channels the anger stemming from personal betrayals, translating these intense feelings into powerful and relatable art.


Songwriting Process

Milo's process begins with immersing himself in the beat, allowing the melody and flow to take shape organically. His songs are created over varying periods, sometimes spanning a year, as seen in his track "Messy." Themes in his music often delve into the human psyche, exploring relatable stories that resonate with his audience.


Live Performances

Performing live holds a special place in Milo's heart, with standout moments like covering Outkast's "Roses" with the band "Low Moves." The brightness and energy of live performances, particularly at events like Bonnaroo, reinforce his drive to continue his musical journey, feeling a sense of divine encouragement to persist.


Industry Challenges

Navigating the music industry hasn't been without its challenges for Milo. Booking shows and dealing with inflated egos in the industry are his primary obstacles. He overcomes these by focusing on moving forward, not dwelling on missed opportunities or negative interactions.


Future Aspirations

Milo's immediate goal is to grow his fanbase and monthly listeners organically. While an EP is in the works, he's currently focusing on releasing singles to solidify his core audience, with plans to drop the EP in the summer. His approach is strategic and audience-focused, ensuring his music reaches and resonates with the right listeners.



Milo Kobayashi stands as a beacon of authenticity in the music world. His journey from a childhood filled with imaginative soundtracks to a rising star in the hip-hop/pop scene is a story of passion, resilience, and dedication. With his finger on the pulse of the evolving music industry, Milo is not just an artist to watch; he's an artist to experience. As he continues to navigate the complexities of his career, his commitment to authenticity and artistic freedom promises to bring fresh and exciting developments to his growing fanbase.

Valerie W.

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