• 25 Feb, 2024

Lawrence Turner: A Portrait of Raw Emotion in Hip-Hop

Lawrence Turner: A Portrait of Raw Emotion in Hip-Hop

Meet Lawrence Turner, an artist whose music is as authentic as his name. In a world brimming with stage personas, Turner stands out by using his birth name as his artist moniker, symbolizing the genuine emotion and sincerity embedded in his music. His journey into the world of music began with the freedom and unapologetic expression he found in hip-hop, propelling him to use this powerful medium to explore and articulate his emotions deeply and authentically.


Musical Style: Emotion-Driven Rap

Turner's style is a vibrant tapestry of emotions, ranging from the highs of excitement and confidence to the depths of sadness and despair. He captures the multifaceted nature of human feelings, channeling them into his music. His genre, primarily rap/hip-hop, is enriched by influences from icons like Eminem, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Ludacris, who have inspired him to express himself boldly and creatively.


Inspirations: From Personal Experience to Global Influences

Turner's primary inspiration comes from within – his feelings and experiences are the driving forces behind his creative process. While he acknowledges the impact of other artists, it is his personal emotional landscape that shapes his music. This self-reflection aims to connect deeply with listeners, making his songs relatable and powerful.


Songwriting Process: Crafting Emotional Depth

Turner's songwriting process begins with a clear idea, followed by the search for the perfect beat to complement it. His lyrics flow naturally, reflecting his current emotional state. He enjoys the challenge of writing vulnerable songs, as they allow him to create pieces that are meaningful, heavy, and larger than life.


Career Highlights: Moments of Triumph

One of Turner's proudest moments was being invited to rap on SHADE45, a testament to his skill and recognition in the industry. Additionally, his self-produced music video airing on BET in 2020 marked a significant personal achievement, showcasing his multifaceted talents as an artist, director, and editor.


Live Performances: Connecting with Audiences

For Turner, the most impactful aspect of performing live is the emotional connection with the audience – whether it's making them dance, smile, or even cry. The experience of sharing his words and seeing them resonate with people he's never met is both humbling and gratifying.


Visual Artistry: Enhancing Music with Imagery

Visuals play an integral role in Turner's artistry. As a videographer, director, and editor, he often writes songs with specific visuals in mind, creating a seamless integration of audio and visual storytelling. His emphasis on engaging visuals is as paramount as the music itself.


Collaborations: Creative Synergy

Turner cherishes the collaborative process, especially with talented individuals he's met on his journey. Collaborating with artists from various backgrounds, including his hometown in Jamaica Queens, NY, and internationally, has helped him embrace a more flexible creative approach.


Challenges: Navigating the Music Industry

Like many artists, Turner faces challenges such as writer's block, imposter syndrome, and the pressures of social media and industry trends. His love for the art form keeps him moving forward, despite these hurdles.


Future Aspirations: Vulnerability and Relatability

Turner is focused on promoting his new album "Keep it Real," which he describes as his most vulnerable work yet. He aims to connect with audiences through relatable themes, accompanied by a series of music videos that delve deeper into the album's content.



Lawrence Turner's musical journey is a testament to the power of authentic self-expression in hip-hop. His commitment to exploring the full spectrum of human emotions through his music, combined with his skill in visual storytelling, makes him a standout artist poised to make a significant impact in the music world.

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