• 25 Feb, 2024

Lance Thompson: A Voice That Unites Hearts and Souls

Lance Thompson: A Voice That Unites Hearts and Souls

Introduction & Musical Style

Meet Lance Thompson, a contemporary R&B artist hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana. Lance's journey into music began at a tender age, singing and dancing with his family in the living room. It was watching the legendary Michael Jackson that ignited his passion for entertainment. Lance's musical upbringing was rich, with diverse genres playing throughout his household. He found inspiration in artists like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, James Brown, and many more. Lance sees music as a divine gift and is profoundly grateful for it.


Musical Style & Inspirations

My mother passed away when I was 16 years old. To be honest, the driving force behind my music really is Jesus. Without him, I wouldn't have the strength to even create memories through songs. Hardships that come from loss can harden the hearts of people. When Jesus came into my life, the hardened heart I carried became soft and fertile to grow in love again. That's why I create music. Everyone will experience loss someday, and I hope my songs will help them see the light in their darkness.


Songwriting Process & Themes

Lance's songwriting draws from personal experiences. His faith is a cornerstone of his life, and he uses music to convey that there's nothing new under the sun. Lance strives to create songs that bring joy and, when delving into deeper emotions, doesn't shy away from capturing life's complexities. He believes that, no matter how deep the struggles, there's always a return to the surface.


Career Highlights

Lance's music career has been a miracle, and he cherishes the moments when his songs resonate with people. One highlight stands out—the Undeniably Lance Thompson concert held post- COVID. In a time of uncertainty and fear, the show became a safe space for people to dance, sing, and cast aside their fears.


Live Performances

For Lance, the most rewarding aspect of performing live is witnessing people let go of their burdens and embrace the moment. He values the opportunity to connect with people through his songs and provide solace in their lives. The Undeniably Lance Thompson concert after COVID remains a cherished memory.



While Lance has done a collaboration with Se-noj on "Feel So Good," he aspires to collaborate with a multitude of artists and producers, including Stevie Wonder, Tori Kelly, Bruno Mars, Timberland, Jon Batiste, Jon Bellion, Ed Sheeran, and many more. He believes that creative partnerships yield memorable music.



One of the significant challenges Lance faces is balancing his life as an artist and a family man. He treasures his family immensely but acknowledges the demands of his music career. He encourages artists to establish schedules that allow them to be both the artist they want to be and the family members they need to be.


Future Aspirations

Lance envisions creating new songs, releasing an album, and embarking on a world tour. His music is all about connecting people from different backgrounds and providing a bridge for them to find common ground and shared experiences. He aspires to be a source of light for those in dark places, using his music to put smiles on faces and inspire hope.

Lance Thompson is not just an artist; he's a messenger of joy and hope, using his music to unite hearts and souls around the world. With a rich tapestry of influences and a heart full of passion, Lance is poised for a future filled with more memorable music and meaningful connections.

Valerie W.

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