• 12 Apr, 2024

Isaiah Amaru Degand: Rhymes of Life and Beats of the Street

Isaiah Amaru Degand: Rhymes of Life and Beats of the Street

In the vast universe of musical artistry, few stories resonate with the authenticity and passion found in Isaiah Amaru Degand's journey. From his early encounters with poetry and rap music to his evolution into a multifaceted artist, Isaiah's path is a testament to the transformative power of music. His story is not just about creating beats or rhymes; it's about painting vivid pictures of life's complexities, inspired by personal experiences and societal observations.


The Genesis of a Musical Visionary

Isaiah's musical odyssey commenced at the tender age of eight, nurtured by the dual influences of school poetry and his father's introduction to rap music, notably Tupac Shakur's "Definition of a thug." This early exposure laid the groundwork for his profound connection with music, a bond further strengthened by his cousin, Ahmad Marvelous, who introduced him to the world of beat-making. Despite the initial chaos of sounds on his cousin's Mac, Isaiah found joy and purpose in the melodies he created, setting the stage for his future in music.


A Unique Blend: Half Conscious, Half Street

Describing his musical style as a hybrid of consciousness and street sound, Isaiah ventures into a realm that defies simple categorization. His approach to music-making is akin to painting aural pictures, where each beat and rhyme is a stroke that contributes to a larger, more intricate portrait of life. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop legends like Nas and the innovative producer Hit-Boy, Isaiah crafts his music to mirror the narratives and emotions that shape his world. Nas's storytelling prowess and Hit-Boy's atmospheric beats serve as the blueprint for Isaiah's creative process, guiding him in weaving his poetic insights with the rhythmic pulse of the streets.


The Art of Songwriting and Aspirations for Collaboration

Isaiah's songwriting is an introspective journey, fueled by reflections on personal well- being and the broader societal milieu. His process is intuitive, often starting with a beat that captures his imagination, around which he constructs narratives that explore themes from street life ignorance to inner emotions. With ambitions to collaborate with industry giants like Hit-Boy, J.Cole, and even Nas, Isaiah's aspirations stretch far beyond the confines of his current achievements. His dream of working alongside these icons underscores his commitment to growth and excellence in his craft.


A Message of Perseverance and Openness

For Isaiah, music is more than just an artistic outlet; it's a continuous learning experience. Open to criticism and always eager to improve, he embraces advice from all quarters, integrating it into his music to refine his artistry further. His journey from using Audacity to mastering FL Studio, under the guidance of his friend Nathan Hoster, exemplifies his belief in the value of mentorship and the importance of never judging a book by its cover.



Isaiah Amaru Degand stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the music industry. His story is a powerful reminder of the impact of perseverance, the importance of embracing one's roots, and the boundless possibilities that lie in open-minded collaboration. For Isaiah, the journey is far from over; it is an ongoing odyssey of self- discovery and musical evolution. To his fans and aspiring artists alike, his message is clear: "Never give up and never stop. Always have an open mind and an open ear." In the world of Isaiah Amaru Degand, every note is a step toward greatness, and every beat is a heartbeat of progress.

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