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Grizzy Wynter and Matt Wav: The Dynamic Duo Behind DMGDZ

Grizzy Wynter and Matt Wav: The Dynamic Duo Behind DMGDZ

Wagwan Wavy Magazine! My name is Grizzy Wynter, a Jamaican Canadian artist based in Toronto, Canada. I've spent most of my career as a solo artist, but my latest project sees me teaming up with Matt Wav to form the exciting new duo DMGDZ, short for Damaged Goodz. My journey began in high school, writing songs and sharing them on platforms like SoundCloud. Today, with the help of Flight Academy Music, my music reaches listeners worldwide. My current focus is on having fun with my music, experimenting with creativity, and pushing myself to new limits.


Grizzy Wynter: A Blend of Cultural Rhythms

Grizzy Wynter’s music is a rich tapestry of his Jamaican roots and Canadian upbringing. Growing up in Vancouver, he retained his Jamaican heritage, which is now a cornerstone of his sound. "When we were making the album, I wanted to incorporate my roots," Grizzy explains. The duo's debut project is a unique fusion of UK drill, reggaeton, dancehall, and EDM, reflecting both Matt’s influences from Spain and the UK and Grizzy’s Caribbean heritage. This eclectic mix creates a refreshing sound that stands out in today's music landscape.


Inspirations and Influences

Grizzy’s musical inspirations are as diverse as his sound. "Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper and inspires my wordplay and creative writing style," he says. For their current project, he also drew inspiration from artists like Beenie Man, Kardinal Offishall, Tion Wayne, and Abra Cadabra. Blending his patois with English, Grizzy looked to artists like Busta Rhymes, Shaggy, and Roy Woods for guidance. These influences help shape the innovative and vibrant music that DMGDZ brings to their audience.


The Songwriting Journey

For Grizzy, the songwriting process has evolved over time. "I always draw inspiration from my surroundings and current events," he shares. Nowadays, his focus is on writing from a place of joy and positive emotion. "To make happy music, you need to be happy inside," he reflects. His songs now celebrate love, pride, confidence, and fun, aiming to make listeners want to dance and enjoy life. This shift in perspective marks a significant growth in his artistic journey, moving towards a more uplifting and engaging sound.


Career Highlights and Artistic Growth

Grizzy Wynter has already achieved remarkable milestones in his career. His album "Illuminate" was nominated for Album of the Year at the Wavy Awards in New York in 2021, and he won Best International Artist at the Binge TV Awards in Los Angeles the same year. He cherishes the experience of performing in front of 5000 people in his hometown and securing a distribution deal with Flight Academy Music. "This is the most authentic version of myself and my music," Grizzy states proudly. Collaborating with Matt Wav on DMGDZ has opened new creative avenues, and he's eager to explore even more genres, hinting at an R&B focus for his next project.



Grizzy Wynter’s journey from high school songwriting to international recognition is a testament to his talent and dedication. Teaming up with Matt Wav as DMGDZ, he continues to innovate and push musical boundaries. Grizzy’s message to fans and aspiring artists is clear: "Don’t give up on your passion. If what you're doing isn't working, switch it up, step out of your comfort zone, and put your heart into it. You'll be surprised by the results." With his vibrant blend of cultural influences and unwavering commitment to authenticity, Grizzy Wynter is a name to watch in the music world.


DMGDZ by Grizzy Wynter and Matt .Wav

The new album by the Grizzy Wynter and Matt .Wav joint collective, titled Damaged Goodz (DMGDZ for short), is a vibrant fusion of genres that stands out in today's hip-hop landscape. This high-energy collection features an eclectic mix of UK Drill, Jamaican Dancehall, and reggaeton, with a hint of EDM that creates an engaging and memorable listening experience.

From the opening track, it's clear that DMGDZ is not just another album; it's a bold statement of creativity and musical exploration. The influence of UK Drill is immediately apparent, with its hard- hitting beats and raw lyricism. However, what sets DMGDZ apart is how seamlessly it blends these elements with the infectious rhythms and melodies of Dancehall and reggaeton. The horns characteristic of reggaeton add a unique layer of depth, making each track feel both fresh and familiar.

Grizzy Wynter and Matt .Wav have managed to craft an album where each song feels like a potential hit. The catchy hooks and melodies are designed to get stuck in your head, while the driving beats ensure that each track is dancefloor-ready. The EDM influences are particularly notable in the beat drops, which provide high-energy moments that are sure to ignite any party.

One of the standout aspects of DMGDZ is its ability to maintain a high level of energy throughout without feeling repetitive. Each track offers something new, whether it's a different genre influence or a surprising beat switch, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish. This variety is a testament to the duo's versatility and creativity, ensuring that the album has replay value.

In an era where music can often feel formulaic, DMGDZ is a breath of fresh air. It's an album that not only captures the current musical landscape but also pushes its boundaries. Grizzy Wynter and Matt .Wav have created a project that feels both timely and timeless, offering something for fans of multiple genres while maintaining a cohesive sound.

Overall, Damaged Goodz is a triumph of genre-blending and innovation. It's an album that demands attention and delivers on its promise of high-energy, catchy, and unforgettable music. Whether you're a fan of hip-hop, Dancehall, reggaeton, or EDM, DMGDZ has something for you, making it one of the most interesting releases of the year.

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