• 25 Feb, 2024

Gee Floyd: From Ypsilanti Beats to Global Beats

Gee Floyd: From Ypsilanti Beats to Global Beats

In the heart of Ypsilanti, Michigan, a new wave in the music scene is emerging, led by the multi-talented Gee Floyd. A rapper, songwriter, producer, and musician, Floyd's love for music is more than just a passion—it's his life's work. His journey, marked by humble beginnings and a relentless pursuit of musical mastery, speaks volumes of his dedication and artistry.


Musical Evolution: A Journey of Sounds and Styles

Gee Floyd's musical style, a dynamic blend of influences, mirrors his evolving artistic vision. Initially inspired by the blog era of hip-hop, Floyd resonated with artists like Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, and Wale. However, his musical palette expanded over the years, drawing inspiration from pop and R&B, genres he now holds dear. Despite this evolution, hip-hop remains his first love, with OutKast, Scarface, Jay-Z, and Nas shaping his foundational style. Floyd's current music reflects a beautiful amalgamation of these genres, intertwined with his life experiences, presenting a sound that is both fresh and familiar.


Songwriting: An Intuitive Process

Gee Floyd's songwriting process is as versatile as his music. He thrives on spontaneity, allowing a single phrase, melody, or chord to spark his creativity. His approach is less about structure and more about letting inspiration flow naturally. This method, honed over years of experimentation, led to the creation of songs like “Just Fine,” a pandemic-era track that resonated with many.


Career Milestones: Beyond the Local Scene

For Floyd, career highlights are not just about personal achievements but also about the connections he's forged through music. Working in Los Angeles and New York and collaborating with artists like Devon Blair, Mic Uno, and Qatianna, Floyd has extended his reach far beyond Ypsilanti. His collaborations and performances across the U.S. and Canada signify his music's growing influence and his emergence as an artist with a broader appeal.


Visual Artistry: A Cinematic Approach

Floyd's talents extend into the realm of visual arts. Drawing inspiration from film, he integrates cinematic techniques into his music videos, striving for a balance between creativity and budget. This aspect of his artistry is something he plans to explore further, aiming to produce more visuals that reflect his unique artistic vision.


Collaborations: A Blend of Aspirations and Community

Gee Floyd views collaborations through two lenses. On one hand, he aspires to work with larger, yet attainable, acts in the industry, a goal bolstered by his past collaboration with Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids. On the other hand, he values working with peers who share a similar artistic tier, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and artistic growth.


Overcoming Challenges: Patience and Perseverance

Floyd acknowledges the multitude of challenges faced by independent artists, including funding, networking, and maintaining authenticity in a demanding industry. His biggest personal challenge, however, is to remain patient and present in his journey, ensuring his contributions to music history are both meaningful and impactful.


Future Aspirations: Aiming High

Gee Floyd's aspirations are as lofty as they are inspiring. Aiming to perform at major festivals and embark on a sell-out tour, he is also keen on expanding his fanbase and exploring overseas markets. His vision is not just about personal success but also about experiencing diverse cultures, with music as the driving force.



Gee Floyd stands as a testament to the power of passion, versatility, and hard work. His journey from writing songs in notebooks in Ypsilanti to making waves in the global music scene is a story of inspiration. With a clear vision for the future and a deep-rooted love for music, Gee Floyd is not just a rising star but a force poised to leave an indelible mark in the world of music.

Valerie W.

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